Mark Eitzel (May 2013)

MARK EITZEL - American Music Club singer-songwriter, solo artist. Released solo album "Don't Be A Stranger" last year 1: Your full name? Mark Eitzel 2: Where do you call home? San Francisco 3: What is your earliest memory of music? The radio in my mothers car was playing "Monster Mash" 4: What is your favourite piece of musical equipment? My 1962 Gibson J50. 5: Who would you most like to work with? Ugh - so many people. 6: Your favourite holiday destination, and why? Happy Camp, CA. 7: What is the first song or album of yours that anyone who is unfamiliar with your material should hear? I really effexor online couldn't say. People react so differently to my songs. The ones that I vainly think people would like are the ones they like least. I would play people the newest one... 8: What’s the last great film you saw? Before Midnight by Richard Linklater 9: And the last great record you heard? Believe it or not The Streets A Grand Don't Come For Free is a great record. I know its crazy. Also World Without Tears by Lucinda Williams.... 10: Are the All Blacks going to win the next Rugby World Cup in 2015? Yes, of course they will. Definitely.