Luke Buda (July 2007)

A new inquisiton for y'all, this time from handsomely bearded Phoenix Foundation co-singer/ songwriter/ multi instrumentalist, proud father and rugby enthusiast Luke Buda. 1: Your full name Lukasz Pawel Buda 2: Where do you call home? My house 3: What is your earliest musical memory? Rockin' out with a tennis racket to the first Dire Straits album 4: What is your favourite piece of musical equipment? Other people's awesome gear 5: Who would you most like to collaborate musically with? James Milne or Michael August 6: Your favourite holiday destination, and why? Fiji cos time goes real slow, there's nothing to do, and you can truly relax 7: What is the first song/ album of yours 1 that anyone who is unfamiliar with your music should listen to? "Special Surprise" - the album 8: What's the last great film you saw? "Mystery Train" by Jim Jarmusch 9: And the last great record you heard? The Good The Bad And The Queen - S/T 10: What is your proudest musical accomplishment? The new, just completed Phoenix Foundation album. 11: Will the All Blacks win 2007 World Cup, or choke (again)? Firstly, I dislike the term 'choke', which gives no credit to the opposition. And secondly, I think we have done everything we can to give it our best shot, and I think we are fully capable of winning.