Julia Deans (May 2013)

JULIA DEANS - former Fur Patrol singer-songwriter guitarist. A new album due... soon? 1: Your full name? Julia Mary Deans 2: Where do you call home? Currently residing in auckland 3: What is your earliest memory of music? Probably hooning around the lounge to the "buzz o'bumble" theme, the creation of wellington's 2ZB radio host lindsay yeo (does anyone else remember that???) 4: What is your favourite piece of musical equipment? My beautiful apple red, late 60's fender coronado ii. we've been through a lot together. 5: Who would you most like to work with? In total dreamworld with a bit of time travel? Ennio Morricone! 6: Your favourite holiday destination, and why? Barcelona. Gaudi, beaches, tapas, tempranillo! 7: What is the first song or album of yours that anyone who is unfamiliar with your material should hear? Hmmm. i'd say my song "A New Dialogue". 8: What’s the last great film you saw? The Artist. It's just gorgeous. 9: And the last great record you heard? Currently listening to the clash's "London Calling". does that count? 10: Are the All Blacks going to win the next Rugby World Cup in 2015? They better.