David Mead (October 2006)

There is a brand spankin' new inquisition in town, this month it is the turn of US singer-songwriter David Mead, who has just released his fourth album, the poptastic and quite delightful "Tangerine". 1: Your full name DAVID WORTH MEAD, JR. 2: Where do you call home? NASHVILLE, TN AND BROOKLYN, NY, USA 3: What is your earliest musical memory? SINGING WITH MY MOM, AGE 2 4: What is your favourite piece of musical equipment? MY CUSTOM PIANO STOOL WITH MONKEY PRINT FABRIC. 5: Who would you most like to collaborate musically with? NEIL FINN. 6: Your favourite holiday destination, and why? MY DAD HAS A LOG CABIN ON A BEAUTIFUL LAKE IN ALABAMA THAT I HELPED BUILD IN 1984. THERE IS NO PHONE, TV OR INTERNET. THERE ARE A VARIETY OF REPTILES AND LOTS OF NICE BIRDS, THE WATER IS VERY CLEAR. IT IS EXCEPTIONALLY EASY TO THINK THERE. 7: What is the first song/ album of yours that anyone who is unfamiliar with your music should listen to? THEY ARE ALL DIFFERENT, I DON'T REALLY KNOW. TANGERINE IS MY FAVORITE. 8: What's the last great film you saw? YOU ME AND EVERYONE WE KNOW. 9: And the last great record you heard? SON OF SCHMILSSON BY HARRY NILSSON 10: What is your proudest musical accomplishment? NOT HAVING A 'DAY JOB' FOR NINE YEARS.