David Kilgour (July 2011)

1: Your full name? David Kilgour 2: Where do you call home? Earth 3: What is your earliest musical memory? Loving the 45 of I'm A Believer by the Monkees. Must've been about 3 or 4 years old! Or ice skating, or at least watching people ice skating, on the Maniototo plains to Carry-Anne by the Hollies. 4: What is your favourite piece of musical equipment? An acoustic guitar, maybe a Gibson acoustic guitar..... 5: Who would you most like to collaborate musically with? Phil Spector, really! 6: Your favourite holiday destination, and why? At the moment it's the Californian desert, I'm not sure why really, but I do feel at home there. 7: What is the first album/track of yours that anyone who is unfamiliar buy venlafaxine online canada with your music should listen to? I have no idea. I'm too far in it....like fish didnt invent water right, or something like that? 8: What’s the last great film you saw? True Grit by the Cohen brothers. 9: And the last great record you heard? I like Kurt Vile's new LP- Smoke Ring For My Halo. 10: And are the All Blacks going to win the Rugby World Cup, or choke (again)? I have no idea. But if it means that the National Government will be voted out if the All Blacks lose, then I'm hoping they get there asses whipped and / or they choke all the way down the line!...and you can quote me on that! Ha!