Xmas spirit!!

Well, all go here at The 'Boat - the spirit of Xmas giving seems to be well under way. We are stocked to the gills with all manner of lovely goodies for you to share with your music-mad friends and family. At the top end of the gift-giving spectrum, we have lavish box sets from Blur, Scott Walker, The Smiths, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Mark Knopfler, Fat Freddys Drop... there are also ultra rare NZ only 45s from The Cure, The Clash, U2, or some lovely early pressings of records by The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and other 60s faves. We also have a generous smattering of leftover Record Store Day goodies - ask at the counter if you are curious about any of these. But equally, if you are feeling thrifty, or poor, after another long, hard year, or if you just want something for "secret Santa", we have a whole swag of $2 LPs, out of which the crafty crate digger could assemble a great selection of sounds for a pittance. We have a really great selection at the moment (if we do say so ourselves) of music-related books, including a heap of the "33 1/3" series priced at a very nominal $9.50. We have either our own Slow Boat vouchers, or the brand new Culture Vulture voucher, which may be used either here, or with our pals at Unity Books and Aro Video, with our blessing. And, if you want to wear our colours with pride, we are awaiting a delivery of freshly inked Slow Boat tees - this summer's fashion essential, and a snip at just $27.50 - I'll let you know as soon as they drop. And finally, can we just say a great big, whopping Slow Boat "CHEERS!!!" to our handsome, loyal and well-informed customers - without you, we're nothing - literally. It is heartening that here, now, in this digital era, it still means something to people to come in and shop with us. We love your energy, your enthusiasm, your genuine love for music - and we love that you share ours! Music is such a wonderful meeting point, and it means a great deal to us that you allow us to be part of your own musical continuum - so, again, we thank you. Wishing everyone a safe, happy, sunny, musical Xmas - and, don't forget, if it all gets a bit much, Slow Boat is only closed Christmas Day and New Year's Day... With love, blessings, season's greetings, and good tidings xx The Slow Boat Crew xx