Yup - WINTER. Happens every year, yet somehow every year it seems to come as a shock as the weather turns colder, and the days shorter and darker. 

We here at Slow Boat are PREPARED, however; we have heapin' helpin's of the good oil to get you through the Winter months. We have a HUGE array of DVDs for you to dip into - never seen House Of Cards, Game Of Thrones, The Sopranos, The Wire et al? Well, for starters - I envy you. Even if you have, a rewatch is often a good, satisfying task to set yourself (am personally 2 seasons into rewatching Succession, and absolutely loving it, and noticing heaps of things I missed at the time).

Oh yeah - and MUSIC - did we mention we have a TONNE of top quality vinyl and CDs for your consideration; not just new titles, but a tastefully filtered (and cleaned, and guaranteed!) selection of reasonably priced second hand titles; there is a whole bunch of good stuff that never makes it any further than our 'new arrivals' section - and then there's the wall and window displays...

Alternatively, we have a heap of stuff listed on Discogs (have recently listed a LOT of Flying Nun titles) - feel free to have a trawl through HERE

...and drop us a line if anything takes your fancy - prices are in USD (but can always do a bit better instore...)

There are also a heap of posters to brighten up those bare walls - cheaper (and easier!) than painting or wallpapering!!

By way of new releases, we are digging on new music from Jenny Lewis, the Richard Hawley selected "Little Bangers", Meshell Ndegeocello, King Krule, Janelle Monae, Kesha, Matthew Herbert, Graeme Nash, The Teskey Brothers, Jonny Greenwood, Sparks... honestly, just SO MUCH new music to get your teeth into!!

We are also, as ever, in the market for excellent condition used CDs, LPs and DVDs - best prices paid, either cash or store credit. Hope everyone is doing good, do come pay us a visit sometime soon - or just drop us a line and let us know if there's something specific you are seeking.

Love on ya,
The Slow Boat Crew xx