Welcome to the new Slow Boat website

Well, after the old one had become as outdated as bootcut/ skinny/ acidwash (take your pick) jeans, we have taken the opportunity to freshen up and revitalise our website with a new look and improved accessibility and security - we are also in the process of developing a webstore, so you can shop at Slow Boat from the comfort of your own home/ phone, whatever. We'll look to add more products over time.
For rare and collectable stuff, you are still, for the minute, better to head over to our Discogs listings to view all the tasty rare and collectable secondhand selections we are serving up there (bear in mind they are in USD) - and do drop us a line if anything you see takes your fancy.
Still getting our heads around the new format and layout - do tell us what you think, what you'd like to see and so forth. 
We are currently readying ourselves for the two 2021 Record Store Day drops - on the 12th of June and the 17th of July - planning some really fun stuff, can't wait to let you know all about it!
Hope everyone is good and groovy - thought I would share the picture of the Primus NZ tour poster that used to adorn our wall that was bought by a delightful chap from Auckland, who went to the show and has always coveted the poster - cheers bud, we're glad it is bringing you joy!
Choice one, cheers
xx The Slow Boat Crew xx