The shortest day

The shortest day of the year today - hoorah! Theoretically, at least, it means the weather will start improving and the days will get linger and lighter. The middle of the year does, however, seem to be the time when lots of good music comes out - even if, to these ears, anyhow, much of it is reissues! Take, for example the new remaster of Paul & Linda McCartney's much maligned 1971 release "Ram" - suddenly, in 2012, it sounds like an absolute oddball pop-rock gem, especially now that it comes with an extra disc of extras and rarities. We even got a couple of the very limited, numbered mono LP remasters - all gone now, but doing our level best to get some more... Also new out are the My Bloody Valentine remasters - 6 years in the making - we have "Loveless" - "Isn't Anything" and the "EPs" sets are on the way... Also new out now are brand spanking new efforts from old warriors Neil Young & Crazy Horse, The Beach Boys and, my pick of the bunch, Patti Smith's "Banga", which, from a cursory listen sounds like a doozie. On the new/new front, liking the rockin' sound of the new Richard Hawley album, "Standing At The Sky's Edge", Frames/"Once" singer Glen Hansard's "Rhythm & Repose", Brooklyn hipster-y types Liars with the unpronounceable, but kinda intriguing "WIXIW" , or how's about new albums from Boat faves Sun Kil Moon ("Among The Leaves") and, early leader for my album of the year, the exquisitely beautiful solo debut, "Mid Air", from Blue Nile singer Paul Buchanan. The other really exciting piece of news is that we have brand, spankin' new listening turntables instore - no more listening through only one channel, above a roaring earth-hum! Come check 'em out! We also have a whole new batch of tee shirts - some really cool Warners label tees - Atlantic, Elektra. Tres stylish. Tres swanky! All that, plus our usual mass of pre-loved vinyl, new stuff going out every day - and, if there's something in particular you are looking for - why not ask us, or give us your wants list? That way, we can be sure and let you know when something you crave finally turns up! Hope to see you soon, stay warm! X