The Mutton Birds live instore at Slow Boat!!!

Good lord - what a marvellous event - hard to think of a more 'Wellington' thing than The Mutton Birds playing the song of the same name here at Slow Boat instore here on a Friday evening for a packed store full of deliriously happy fans, smack dab in the middle of their two sold-out shows at San Fran!!

We were treated to a half-hour set of stone-cold classic songs like "Anchor Me", "White Valiant" and my personal fave, "Like This Train" by this brilliant band - a pointed reminder of the way their music has lodged in our collective pyches - for which we are immensely grateful to the band, their management and crew, and genial soundman Bob - a wonderful, unforgettable moment in the store's storied history, and one captured for posterity with some fine video clips (including this one, where I tragically dropped my phone part way thru...!!!)

So - just wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone who made it down, and especially the band - Don, Dave, Alan and Ross - for giving your time and talent so generously - absolutely magical, spine-tingly stuff!!!

Love on ya,
XX The Slow Boat Crew XX

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