Howdy all!
Well, hope everyone is doing okay in this trying time. We are taking our responsibilities seriously, and closed the doors yesterday when our PM delivered the news of moving to level 3 in the covid-19 threat plan - to be honest, it felt good to have some certainty around what was happening.
What this means is - Slow Boat will be closed for at least the next month. We are contactable via email - - or on Facebook.
If you are holding vouchers or credit - fear not, they do not expire! If you have customer orders, depending on delivery, couriers etc - they will be held for you, and we will figure out a way to get them to you.
As regards our overseas sales, our MusicStack and Discogs stores remain open - feel free to have a good, long, leisurely browse through our listings with all the extra time on your hands! We are unable to send out orders during lockdown, but we are happy to hold orders for you until we can.
In the meantime, we strongly suggest hunkering down and reading, and listening to music, and getting all those jobs done at home you have been delaying (I am being threatened with clearing the attic...)
If you are working from home - pace yourself, take breaks, eat good, plenty of fluids etc (God, listen to me...!), but most importantly - FOLLOW THE RULES!! Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our friends and family and loved ones, and if we all do as we have been requested to do, things will get better, our health system will be able to respond and react appropriately.
Will look to keep supplying links and distractions via the page over this time - some amazing stuff afoot, not least of which was the wonderful Nadia Reid who performed live from her home via Facebook on Saturday night (link attached!) - her new album "Out Of My Province" is destined to be the soothing soundtrack for a lot of people at this troubling time.
Peace out, y'all - it's gonna be weird, but it's gonna be okay.
And as the PM says - "be safe, be kind".
Love to you all,