So, this is Christmas...

Good grief - seems like just yesterday it was April and now - December, already!!

Which means - Christmas, and New Year, and Summer, and holidays for lots of people - not so much for us. We are here throughout the Summer break, shutting up shop only for Christmas Day, and New Year's Day (although we'll likely open reduced hours...)

As regards Xmas gifting - we have literally MOUNTAINS of new and second hand vinyl, CDs and DVDs, along with posters, tee shirts, and the ever-reliable Slow Boat vouchers - we're happy to help you find something that will help make your festive season the literal cat's pyjamas...

As is ever the case, we are immensely grateful for your ongoing support throughout the year, and we appreciate that you are choosing to shop and spend your hard earned bucks with us, rather than on other forms of entertainment - but we are in sincere agreement with you all that music (and movies!) are something special, something that binds us and brings us all together.

Sending you all our very best Slow Boat festive greetings, hope to catch you all over the season, or otherwise in the New Year... take care, drive safe, eat drink and be merry, and be excellent to each other!!!

Love on ya,
The Slow Boat Crew xxx