So this is Christmas...

And then, just like that, we were gearing up and into another Christmas - how did that happen?! Doesn't seem like that long since we were recovering from the last one...!

It's been a funny old year, all felt a bit stop start and like it has never really hit its stride, but - sometimes it's just a bit like that, eh? What we DO know is that, once more, we have been grateful for the loyalty and support of our terrific customers, both local, national and international, and that it has been a tremendous pleasure sharing the gift of music with you all, discovering new sounds and being reminded of old favourites.

We had a great Record Store Day with live instore performances from Vera Ellen and 'Boat homeboy Luke Buda, and a return performance from the very marvellous Mr Don McGlashan - always grateful that some of our finest musicians are willing to come and play for us all for the sheer love of music.

We have finally ditched the 'Top 50' from the wall, having run its course and served its function, and used the extra display space it freed up to show off a whole heap of new reissue CDs - which, despite what you may have heard, have never really gone away, and are very much still in circulation, despite vinyl garnering all the plaudits. 

We have a fresh batch of our much loved Slow Boat tee shirts in a range of colours and sizes, along with a heap of groovy posters with which to decorate your gaff. We have swathes of new and used vinyl, something for everybody this Xmas - and if there is something specific you are seeking, hit us up asap and we'll let you know if we can get it for you before the big day...

And finally, we are saddened by the closure of our neighbours RPM, with whom we have enjoyed a fond and fruitful relationship, and wish head honcho Mr Paul Huggins all the very, very best - the loss of a fellow independent music store softened just a tad by the arrival of the storied Flying Nun Records at their site, relocating from Newtown - another store with whom we have a terrific relationship - we welcome you guys to Cuba Street, and wish you every success!!

Finally, a big thankyou to all our customers, and suppliers - if it takes a village to raise a child, as they say, it takes something similar to run an independent music store in 2022, and we are grateful to you all for your roles in keeping this 'Boat afloat - best wishes for the festive season, and do hit us up for recommendations or if there is anything special you are seeking - we are here for ya, and will be open right through every day but Xmas and New Years (although hours may vary!)!!

Love on ya, peace out
The Slow Boat Crew XX