Howdy, y'all!

Well, without wishing to jinx it, it was a pretty mild Winter, all things considered, and Spring, it was seem, has, um, sprung?! HEAPS of new stuff instore - tee shirts, posters, DVDs, NOT TO MENTION some fantastic new LPs and CDs from (here we go)... Taylor Swift (a real return to form!), Lloyd Cole, Thom Yorke, Lizzo, Ride, Peter Perrett, Purple Pilgrims, PP Arnold, Lana Del Rey... we are also digging the latest Ace Records compilation of cheery 90's hip hop entitled "The Daisy Age", featuring De La Soul, Brand Nubian, Queen Latifah, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien and heaps more - recommended!!

We have also just taken delivery of EIGHT(!!!) boxes of terrific new LPs from the US, featuring many deleted and hard-to-find titles from a-Ha, Roy Ayers, The Beach Boys, Nine Inch Nails, King Crimson, Fugazi, The Proclaimers, Rammstein, , REM, Parquet Courts, Public Enemy, Lou Reed, Elton John, The Jesus & Mary Chain... I could go on, but perhaps best if you come and take a look for yourself - will have them out by the weekend!

Also out this Friday - the brand spankin' new release from one of the stars of last year's Slow Boat Record Store Day event - Mermaidens, with their new album "Look Me In The Eye" - CD and lovely coloured vinyl...

Also, a reminder that we place a US import order every 2-3 weeks, and there are a huge array of titles available - be warned that our falling exchange rate against the US has rendered some stuff on the pricy side... and that it will be Christmas before you/ we know it - have a think about it now and get real organised ahead of Festivus?!? We are here to help you look as kindly and generous as possible...

Wishing everybody a happy and prosperous Spring - new beginnings, and all that - catch you all soon!!

XX The Slow Boat Crew XX