Hola! Suddenly, a whole rash of new releases upon us - not least of which is the new album from Bob Dylan, entitled "Tempest" - hailed in some quarters as his best since "Time Out Of Mind". On a not entirely dissimilar tip, we have Bill Fay's "Life Is People" - his first album proper in 40 years, following up the excellent self-titled debut and classic second album, "Time Of The Last Persecution". There is the new Cat Power album, "Sun" - an altogether cheerier effort than he usual fare, and also a whole swag of new and reissued LPs of a faintly electronic nature from EMI - Radiohead, Depeche Mode, LCD Soundsystem, how to buy effexor online Daft Punk, Massive Attack and more - and all at cheaper prices than they have previously been available at. We also have new vinyl reissues from NZ faves Bilders, The Dead C and (finally!) The Pin Group's "Ambivalence" - oh, and the Flying Nun compilation "Time To Go" is back in, along with David Kilgour's "Here Come The Cars" and The Clean's "Oddities" 2LP - bonza! On a less cheery note, we have been advised by the good folks at Under The Radar that shows by Sunn O))) and Pelican have been cancelled, and if you have bought tickets, you will need to contact UTRs support desk to arrange a refund by bank transfer - Choice one, keep safe everyone!