Howdy all, trust you are as stoked with our Record Store Day smorgasbord for the 18th of April as we are - Neil Finn, Tami Neilson and a string quartet from Orchestra Wellington!!! Yowsas, huh!!! And, as a bonus - Jesse Sheehan and Lisa Tomlins, from Neil's world touring band will be joining him for some songs, with Jesse playing a few songs before Tami at 11am!! There will also be prize draws (including tickets to the orchestra's performance that night!), and, of course limited edition Record Store Day vinyl releases - no word yet as to what we will actually get our sticky paws on, but rest assured, we have ordered large, and hope to get most of what you are craving. PLEASE NOTE that the instore performances will be a little earlier than usual, to accommodate our guests' busy schedules, thus; Opening early - 9am Jesse Sheehan - 11am Tami Neilson - 11.30am Neil Finn - 12 midday Orchestra Wellington String Quartet - 2pm I know it's a little earlier than usual, but hell - some things are worth forgoing the Saturday sleep in for, right?! Please bear in mind, also, that it is likely to be very busy, so it you could leave the bulky pushchairs etc at home, that would be much appreciated, and also that space will be limited on a 'first come, first served' basis. We thank you in advance for your consideration, and are thrilled to be able to share this day with you - another year of marvellous music and celebrating the our place in the community! Best - see you here!! THE SLOW BOAT CREW