Greetings, comrades - hope everyone is keeping warm and dry now that Winter has properly arrived! Thought we'd better give you a reminder that RSD event #2 is almost upon us - a whole bunch more limited edition vinyl instore, along with (after last month's stellar Reb Fountain instore!) a special instore performance from the quite marvellous Anthonie Tonnon, who is celebrating the release of his wonderful second album "Leave Love Out Of This" the day before (16th July) here at Slow Boat at 4pm on RSD #2, the 17th of July!!

Really psyched for this, and grateful that we are still able to share these sorts of occasions, especially after Wellington's recent remind that covid is still out there, and a pointed reminder to keep on scanning those QR codes (we have several around the store, should you forget on your way in!), practice good hand hygiene (there is sanitiser at the door), and stay home and get tested should you have any cold and flu-like symptoms.

Right - pubic service announcement done and dusted, looking forward to seeing you all here for Record Store Day #2 at Slow Boat for 2021!!!