Well, best laid plans of mice and men, etc - we had some really fun stuff lined up for RSD 2020, a day dear to our hearts - and yours, as it happens.

But - 'twas not to be. This blinkin' virus has knocked a lot of people's plans for 6. What was to have taken place in late April got shifted to July, and then THAT got canned - so what has now been arranged is that there will be not one, but THREE RSD2020 releases of limited edition vinyl. Struggling to remember exactly what we ordered (was back in December of last year, in some cases!), but do know we appear to have secured a fair old swag of the limited releases for this Saturday's (29th August) scaled back event, as we will have done for the two remaining drop days - September 26, and October 24.

Ergo, there will be a bunch of stuff going out in the store - no holds, no mail order - in store purchases are what it's all about. That said, we are still conscious of keeping you, our cherished customers, and ourselves safe - so we would ask that you observe social distancing, sign/ scan in at the door, and wear a mask if you wish (such an easy thing to do, and it really does seem to make a difference!) Regrettably, we have had to can the first instore we had planned, but will bank it and hopefully revive it at a later date - and we have some other cool things planned.

So - sorry it won't be on the scale we have grown accustomed to (you know, Neil Finn, Kurt Vile, Tiny Ruins playing instore...), but we're all doing our best. We have very much appreciated your support since we re-emerged from lockdown (and are feeling for our Auckland cobbers who are still at Level 3...)

Yet again, we would ask that you are patient, and kind, and respectful of others, and hopefully it can still be a swell time for all concerned.

Take care, looking forward to seeing your (masked!) faces on Saturday!
Music is love, peace out X