Howdy, all - well, it's nearing that time of year again, when we spend a day celebrating ourselves, and you, theoretically, get the treats!!

Record Store Day 2019 at Slow Boat on the 13th of April is shaping up as one of our best yet - and that's no idle threat, when in the past it has involved instore performances from Dave Dobbyn, Neil Finn, Anika Moa, David Kilgour, Tiny Ruins, Julia Deans, and many more musical luminaries. We will also, all things being equal, have a whole swag of limited RSD vinyl releases, plus the usual lollies, giveaways, and good vibrations!

And while I realise that many have been critical of it as an event, suggesting it has become over-commercialised, is too busy, and rains on your regular Saturday vinyl-trawling buzz, spare a thought for those who are new to the game - the celebration of physical media, the culture of independent record stores, and the community that springs up around the simple, pleasurable act of flipping through vinyl records (or CDs, or DVDs, or even, God forbid, TAPES...!) , and finding something you can love and clutch to your heart.

Maybe you will meet someone you share a passion for Yes with, and fall madly in love, or start a band, or make a lifelong friend... you just never know!!

We are proud of our place in the Wellington musical landscape - of the relationships we have forged with people who share our love of music, and records, and the mystique that still surrounds music, and to this end we would love it if you were to come celebrate with us on the day - or any other day, for that matter, if you'd prefer.

As ever, with the limited releases, no pre-orders, no holds, and while we have ordered a whole bunch of things, we don't know what we will actually get until the day - opening the doors an hour early than usual at 9am, and having a queue building is a total delight, and we look forward to sharing details of the day soon. We are pretty psyched, that's all I'm gonna say at this point...!

So, stay tuned - we'll let you know when there is news, and hope to see you here on the 13th of April to celebrate with us!!!