Record Store Day 2012 @ Slow Boat!

Well, Lordie - nearly upon us again is Record Store Day 2012!!! We were a little concerned when we found out there was an export ban on many of the limited edition releases for the day, so we flew into action to ensure that it would not go unmarked - turns out we'll be getting SOME titles after all - you'll have to come and see which! We have also done a HUGE US vinyl order - really quite splendid stuff, which will all be out in the store for Saturday - huzzah! AND - we'll have Dictaphone Blues playing us some tunes from their excellent new album "Beneath The Chrystal Palace", after their gig at Mighty Mighty the evening before, at around 1.30pm. And THEN - local indie pop types The Eversons will be bringing us some tunes from their sparkling new album "Summer Feeling" - and - we will have limited vinyl copies on sale exclusively!!! And as if that wasn't enough, we will have raffles and prize draws throughout the day. It's "our" day, sure - but it's your day, too - you, the people who make the store something special with your passion for music that is just a little out of the ordinary. Also - I will be playing tracks from the above albums on National Radio 9 to Noon with Kathryn Ryan, at around 11am this Friday the 2oth April - a bit of a Record Store Day at Slow Boat special, if you will. Facebook invite here: And will be updating Twitter with info up to and during the day:!/SlowBoatRecords Look forward to seeing you here - choice one! xx Slow Boat Crew xx