October songs

Crikey - it's blimmin' October! How did that happen!? All is well here at Chez Boat - dealing with the changing of the seasons and the lengthening of days, and looking forward to a good, long, hot summer (maybe). Lots to show and share with you - not least of which the tremendous new album from one time Slow Boat visitor, former Led Zep frontman Robert Plant - it's called "lullaby... And The Ceaseless Roar", which is a pretty marvellous description of that contained within - subtle, deft, world-music-informed backing from his touring band, The Sensational Space Shifters (another apt moniker!), which all work to serve Plant's distinctive, emotive, soulful vocals - seriously, it's another goodie from an artist who just (as we all aspire to) gets better with age. Thoroughly recommended. Likewise, Ryan Adams has gone from being annoyingly prolific, and being rather in thrall to the "alt-country" beast he helped create and popularise, to making a very good, new self-titled album that has echoes of a bunch of things you didn't know he loved - Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, The Replacements (well, maybe you might have picked that one...) We also generic effexor cost have a new swag of music and movie posters - perfect for livening up those dull old walls! Furthermore, we have a big old heap of brand spankin' new audiophile vinyl from those groovy cats at Music On Vinyl - off the top of my head, titles from Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Miles Davis, The Afghan Whigs, Manic Street Preachers, The Fugees, Crash Test Dummies... and heaps more. Totally worth a bit of a splurge for yourself, or, dare I suggest it, for someone's special Xmas stocking... On the new release front, there are also new albums from Lucinda Williams, Weezer, plus, of course, the new album from Leonard Cohen, "Popular Problems" - it's a cracker! And, there is the not inconsiderable matter of those Beatles in Mono LP reissues - believe the hype, they sound (and look) every bit as great as they've been cracked up to be. Oh, and we're hosting a book launch for David Cohen's "Greatest Hits" here at 5.30 on November the 11th - Facebook invite here; https://www.facebook.com/events/600012486799214/ And one more thing we'll tell you about as soon as it is confirmed... watch this space!