October, GST etc...

As EVERYBODY will be aware, the 1st of October saw an increase in GST from 12.5 to 15%. We - your caring, sharing, locally owned and operated independent record store, have opted, by and large, to absorb the increase, and will not be raising the prices of the stock we carry instore predating the October 1st GST increase. You may notice a slight increase in the prices of new stock received since then, which, we're afraid, is unavoidable. As a consequence, tee shirts, posters and the like have increased slightly in price. There will be no increase in the price of second hand vinyl, one of our mainstays, and something we rely on you, our loyal customer base to keep ticking over. We fully appreciate that you have a choice as to where you spend your music shopping dollar, and we are tremendously grateful that so many of you still choose to patronize us - to shop with stores such as ours is to choose quality, effexor online venlafaxine knowledge and a genuine passion for all types of music over the quick fix, bargain basement, scattershot approach. Allow us, if you will, to remind you of some of our 'pluses':

*a huge range of all types of specialist music interests, with particular emphasis on folk, jazz, blues, country, indie/ alternative, 50's & 60's and rare and deleted music, and knowledgeable staff to assist you in feeding your music habit

*the Slow Boat 'ten trip' card that gives you 10% of your total spend after ten purchases as a freebie!

*a huge selection of tasty new and second hand vinyl, lots of cult faves, including a huge selection of 45's

*25 years of experience buying, selling and trading your music here in Wellington

*a one week 'grace' period in which you may exchange anything you have bought from us (with proof of purchase)

We, of course, welcome your feedback, and hope to see you all in the very near future!

Thanks for your ears, cheers

The Slow Boat Crew