Howdy, people - hope you are all doing good! We are, everyone now back on deck after some European sojourns for JT and The Coach - refreshed, revived, and full of vim and vigour!!! LOTS of exciting stuff going on at the moment - and some great new releases tickling our tastebuds! For starters - one of the stars of Record Store Day 2015 here at Slow Boat, the tremendous Ms Tami Neilson has a new album, entitled "Don't Be Afraid", on both CD and LP - think; along the lines of her last album, "Dynamite!", with more extremes - balladier ballads, more ripsnortin' ripsnorters. Regardless, it's highly recommended - as is the new album from her Church Tour compadre Delaney Davidson, entitled "Lucky Guy". Some worthy comeback efforts, too, from seasoned campaigners - there is a new New Order album, their first since the departure of bassist Peter Hook, entitled "Music Complete", while post-Britpop likely lads The Libertines get to right their listing ship with their third album (and first in 11 years!), "Anthem For Doomed Youth". There is a new solo effort from Rolling Stones lynchpin Keith Richards, "Crosseyed Heart" (which, we agree, is a dreadful title). There is a second album from the Davis Rawlings Machine - Gillian Welch' s right-hand man; she also features, and it is predictably excellent. There have been LP reissues of long out of print titles from Placebo, New Order (I am on a bit of a jag!), Supergrass, Amy Winehouse, plus we have just topped up with classic releases from the tremendous likes of Massive Attack, The Velvet Underground, The Rolling Stones, Soundgarden, Nirvana - it is NOT, I'm afraid, too soon to start thinking Xmas, people... And - we dug out a couple of extra GOLD VINYL copies of the latest elpee by our homeboys, The Phoenix Foundation, "Give Up Your Dreams" - yes, even with the bonus cassette still available!! Right you are, then - we'll be seein' ya, bless up The Slow Boat Crew X