November Rain?

...well, hopefully not, but if the summer should choose to put in a belated appearance, we do at least have plenty to keep you entertained - new albums (yes, even VINYL!) from Auckland indie rocksters Street Chant and Surf City, vinyl of Die! Die! Die!'s excellent "Form", Lloyd Cole's latest, "Broken Record", remasters of the Beatles excellent "Red" and "Blue" album compilations (including one with both double albums!), or how about Nick Cave letting his hair down on the new Grinderman album (the vinyl of which is pricy, but spectacular)... We also have a full complement of those fabbo new Kraftwerk LP reissues - remastered, heavy vinyl, thick card sleeves, insert booklets - glorious, quite glorious... Furthermore, we are amongst only a few select retailers stocking the Music Hype "NZ Indie Mix Tape" LP on blue vinyl, with a bonus buy venlafaxine digital download, at a special Slow Boat price of just $37.50 - you can also obtain it on a cassette shaped memory stick for $29.50, so we reckon the LP is a bit of a bargain. It features some rare and exclusive material from exciting up and comers such as Knives At Noon, Wilberforces, God Bows To Math and 9 other acts. It's a limited edition of 300, so don't shilly shally... All this and a big old slab of new posters and tee shirts, plus the usual condition guaranteed second hand CD's, LP's and DVD's - what are you waiting for?! (ps - what some of you are waiting for is our US order - it has been delayed, it should be here Monday the 15th November - we'll let you know etc...)