Lockdown MkII

Well, nobody wanted to be here, but here we are - that pesky Delta Covid variant is just so transmissible and so virulent that we were pleased and relieved to hear the Government had taken such decisive action, lest it get away on us as it has done in New South Wales.
The upshot is, of course, that Slow Boat will shut up shop for the foreseeable future until we hear otherwise from the Government and health authorities - you may still browse and order from our online listings at Discogs and Musicstackand our email will be monitored, but we won't be able to ship anything until we can get back into the store.
We appreciate your patience, kindness and support at this time, and our hearts go out to those in even more trying circumstances than us, but if everyone can stick to the rules - wear masks, wash hands/ sanitise, stay home and stay in your bubbles - there is a far better chance that this won't drag out. We will get to any orders as soon as we are back instore - promise!
Meantimes - be kind to one another, be kind to yourselves, and we can't wait to be getting back to seeing your smiling faces when the time is right!
Slow Boat loves ya, baby!! XX