Howdy, people! June already, crikey, half the year almost up! Mucho rain! MUCHO EXCITING NEW MUSIC AND UPCOMING TOURS!!!

For starters, there is the ripsnorting new set from our favourite Canadian-New Zealander, the inimitible Ms Tami Neilson! Entitled "Sassafras", it is a rip-snortin', genre-smashin' heck of a good time - so much fun, in fact, that it even manages to sneak some powerful statements in under the radar. Tami is also on tour throughout this country in August - you would be a fool to miss her!!

Also headed our way is another 'Boat fave, Ms Nadia Reid, who has been holed up in Port Chalmers working on songs for an upcoming third album. We have also learned that there will be NZ shows from the esteemed likes of David Byrne, Courtney Barnett and Suzanne Vega - if you are keen, I'd say get on it straight away, as these are all likely to sell out.

And, if you are visiting from out of town for any of these shows, maybe allow an extra day or two to pay us a visit, along with the chance to partake in all the hospitality Wellington has to offer!!

Some tremendous second hand vinyl headed out into the store of late, all looking to find loving homes - come spend some time!

Oh, and I haven't even mentioned the fine new album "God's Favorite Customer", by Father John Misty, have I?!

Okey dokey, then - keep warm and dry and we'll see you soon, huh?!

The Slow Boat Team XX