Don McGlashan "Lucky Stars" instore at Slow Boat on Friday!!

Yup, that's right people - talk about killing with kindness; after memorable instores already this year from Neil Finn, Tami Neilson and SJD, this Friday Slow Boat will play host to one of the country's most beloved - and outright brilliant - songwriters; Mr Don McGlashan!!! Prior to his band performance at the Paramount Theatre later that evening, Don has very graciously accepted our invitation to pop in and play you all a few songs from his terrific new album "Lucky Stars", and will then stick around to sign copies for you lucky people. The performance will take place at 5.30 pm, space is limited, so first in, best fed as they say... See you here!! Don McGlashan "Lucky Stars" album tour instore at Slow Boat, Friday the 19th of June, 5.30pm Facebook invite here X Slow Boat X