Well, I did tell you that Record Store Day 2019 would be something special...!

(pic by Tim Gruar) I mean, at that stage there was only the suggestion that blimmin' Kurt Vile might be joining us, and we didn't know for sure until we got a call that he and the Violators were on their way from the airport, having played 2 sold out shows in Auckland, and ahead of another sold out show here in Wellington.

And it NEARLY didn't happen, but we are so glad it did - and if you were here, good for you - it really was quite amazing to have one the most singular and unique voices in modern songwriting playing for us all here on this special day. He and his band and management were absolutely delightful, huge music fans, and KV even stuck around to sign albums and pose for pics, for which we are hugely grateful and humbled.

(pic by Tim Gruar)

We also enjoyed terrific sets from ex-Slow Boater/ Chill/ Verlaine Caroline Easther, who ran through some fine songs from her debut solo album, "Lucky", with her wingman, guitar ace Alan Galloway, along with 'Friend Of Slow Boat' Lawrence Arabia, who shared some choice selections from his brilliant new album "Singles Club" (which may just be his finest hour yet...)

(pic by Tim Gruar)

So finally - can we just say a huge thankyou to everyone who made the 13th so special - to PJ who always designs us the most beautiful posters, to Ziggy from San Fran, soundguy extraordinaire Bernie Gruschow, the good people at Music Planet, Drunken Piano Touring, our suppliers, especially Universal, Rhythmethod and Southbound, to Kurt, Caroline and James/ Lawrence for the wonderful live entertainment - and finally, to you guys, the punters, some of whom queued in the cold from early in the morning to get your mitts on limited RSD collectables, and were, without exception, some of the friendliest, most enthusiastic and genuine music lovers we have encountered.

The whole day felt more than just a little magical, which is more than you could reasonably expect, right...?!

Give us a year to recover, and we'll see if we can't do it all over again, huh?!

XX The Slow Boat Crew XX