Howdy, everyone -August already, who knows where the time goes etc... Firstly, we appreciate everybody's concern post-earthquake - no real damage here, but a few stacks of CDs toppled - a reminder, perhaps to get onto some filing! The Kraftwerk LP I was playing at home at the time didn't even skip - now, that's the mark of a quality pressing! And even dear old Cuba Street looked to be in pretty good nick. Hope everyone came through similarly unscathed - a reminder, though, (as if any ought to be needed after the Christchurch quakes), of the need to have an emergency kit at the ready, and to always be prepared. Heaps of stuff going on here - not least of which being the CD release (finally!) of the 21 track "Still In The Same Dream; Songs 1972-1982" from Slow Boat founder, owner and "Coach" Dennis O'Brien. It is a fabulous package (designed by SBs own Lee Jensen), chock full of photos from the original vinyl releases, and with fresh sleevenotes from "Mrs Coach", Suzie O'Brien and Redmer Yska. It has all been sparklingly remastered for the digital age, and is available right now, only from Slow Boat at a very special price. Well done, Coach - we are all proud as punch and pleased for you - what chance a wee tour, or show at least... And lots and lots of other buy effexor from canada great new music instore - the Jonathan Bree (ex-The Brunettes) album "The Primrose Path" being a great example of same. Serge Gainsbourg-informed drums and bass? Check. Smart 60s pop influences, and tunes from the heavens? Yep, them too. Bitter, savagely misanthropic lyrics (a la The Magnetic Fields, but more so) - oh yeah. It's terrific, seriously. And we have CDs and limited vinyl. We are also down to the last few vinyl copies of The Phoenix Foundation's superb double LP "Fandango", along with just a handful of copies of the Slow Boat Records-issued "Buffalo" LP - seriously, people - last chance to dance - seriously. We also have a little bit of stuff left over from Record Store Day - the Shihad "Churn" LP, the Nick Drake compilation, The Glove "Blue Sunshine" LP - well worth paying us a visit if there is anything you missed out on on the day... We would also like to say a big Slow Boat thankyou to our favourite record rep, Universal's Tyrena - she always took great care of us here, and was awesome when it came to organizing some of those awesome instores that we loved bringing you - The Phoenix Foundation and Liam Finn spring to mind - all the best, Tyrena - you will be sorely missed. It's almost springtime again - bear with, everybody. Everything's going to be alright... The Slow Boat Crew XX