A New Year - and Record Store Day 2023 at Slow Boat!!

Howdy, all, and welcome back to 2023 - well, yikes, it has gotten off to a horrorshow start to lots of folks North of us - Cyclone Gabrielle showed little mercy in ripping through communities in, particularly, Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, Northland and the West Coast of Auckland, for which we send our deepest sympathies and condolences to all those affected. If you are able to donate towards the recovery, I'm sure it would be much appreciated (we have made a donation) - a few places you can give here;

Thank you!!

As for us here - we put out a heavin' helpin' of both new and second-hand vinyl last week, and it has been heartening seeing new and old faces swooping on the good stuff - meanwhile, CDs continue their steady progress - they are a comparatively cheap and efficient way to listen to music.

A final note - we are receiving a tonne of emails from excited fans of, in particular, Taylor Swift regarding the release of the "Long Pond Sessions" for Record Store Day 2023, on the 22nd April - please be advised;

-we have definitely ordered copies of this release, and many others. What we are supplied with often bears little or no resemblance to what we have ordered.
We may get supplied, or we may not - we usually post a video to Facebook to show what we have actually been supplied with. 

-THERE ARE NO HOLDS OR PRE ORDERS. You cannot reserve anything. You will need to come to the store on the day - there is often a queue that forms from pretty early in the morning, so - up to you how keen you are; you will have opportunity to buy in the order you arrive, and it is strictly one copy of each release per customer.

Will provide further details as they come to hand....

Meantime, hope everyone is safe and well - take care of one another, hope to see or hear from you all soon!!!

XX The Slow Boat Crew XX