A musical Christmas?!

Howdy, everyone - December again - seems to roll round a little quicker every year, don't it? Without putting too fine a point on it, we are going all out this year to bring you, our valued customers, the widest possible range of awesome goodies to make your Christmas sound just swell - let us commence... We now have in stock The Rolling Stones "Some Girls" reissue LP, Pete Townshend's "Quadrophenia" demos 10", a Soundgarden live 10", and, (for the brave), Metallica/ Lou Reed "Lulu" 2LP all instore now. We have the big kahuna Beach Boys "SMiLE" set (2 LP's, 2 7" singles, 5 x CD's of demos and outtakes in a 3D display box - phew! - still waiting on the double vinyl (ditto the new Kate Bush and Bjork albums...)AND we have just done a WHOPPING vinyl order from the US, which should be here in a week or so - watch this space... We have a whole brand spankin' new batch of Slow Boat tee shirts, in the 'classic' black, brown and green, and now also in my new fave - a very tasty navy blue. So - show you care - give someone you love/ like (a lot) a Slow Boat tee this Xmas!!! And for the "hard to buy for", we have a wide array of stylish Slow Boat gift voucher - gingham, stripes. That sort of thing. And don't forget we are also able to send stuff out anywhere in this big old world. You can also browse our online listings (via GEMM - http://www.gemm.com/search.pl?for_seller=slowboat&currency=US&field=ARTIST+OR+TITLE&wild=&Go%21.x=9&Go%21.y=10) And - we're working up to our "best of the year" lists, in what has been a pretty terrific year for new albums and reissues both - again, stay tuned... (nb we will be open pretty much throughout the 'Festive' season - excepting Xmas and New Year's days) Eat, drink - be merry. Turn the music up. Go on - you've earned it.