Bloody hell, it's another year, already!! 

Welcome to it, everyone, and let us start by offering our sincerest thanks to you all for helping make it a busy and memorable one for us all here at The Boat - so many people must have gotten vinyl, and CDs, and vouchers, and tee shirts, and posters and all manner of Slow Boat goodies for Christmas, and that means more people listening to and loving music, and that can only be a good thing, right?!

Thanks, also, for your patience in bearing with us with reduced hours and staff in the Xmas/ New Year period - all pretty much back to normal now (just as the Summer really arrives - typical, huh?!)

ANYWAY - enjoying meeting folks from around the motu, and indeed around the globe, and helping people find the music they connect with - redeeming those vouchers seems like a swell time to me...!

So - all the very best to you, your friends and whanau for 2024, looking forward to continuing to serve you up the platters that matter (have just topped up a HEAP of new vinyl that we sold out of over Xmas!), and to bringing the joy - a few things in the pipeline (not least of which being Record Store Day '24!), will let you know when plans firm up...

Take care of yerselves - eat yer greens, keep cool, stay sun smart, and don't leave yer vinyl in the sun!!
Peace and love,
The Slow Boat Crew XX