Just wanted to offer a huge Slow Boat CHEERS to everyone who has supported us this year; it has certainly been one of the strangest I can recall - far and away the longest the 'Boat has ever been docked in 35-odd years of trading!Hugely grateful to everyone who has bought music and more from us, who has been patient waiting on the arrival of stock that sometimes took an absolute age, and to those who came along and lent their support on the three Record Store Day 'drops', and for those unforgettable instore performances from The Muttonbirds (way back in February!), and The Beths in October - just quite phenomenal to have a shop full of people after all this year's trials and tribulations and uncertainty.

Our hearts go out to those overseas who may still be in some sort of lockdown - we are thinking of you, and we appreciate that we are in a very privileged position out here in our far flung corner of the world (and how quickly that can change).This years lessons often seemed to come down to one of our Prime Minister's oft-stated maxims - kindness. It has been amazing to give and receive support to and from our customers and community at this strange time - especially our neighbours at San Fran and Rough Peel Records, as well as our suppliers, especially Southbound, Rhythmethod, Border Music and Universal Music NZ.

We are thankful to be able to do this thing we love, and to share the gift that is music in our lives - it has certainly been a great comfort to us all here in these trying times...So, take care everybody - hope you all enjoy a safe and happy festive season - we will be here every day bar Xmas Day and New Years Day, so looking forward to seeing how you all redeem the many vouchers we have sold (it's not too late, btw...)

Keep scanning those QR codes, wash your hands, get tested if you are unwell - love, peace, kindness, and music!