And just like that, it was a new decade!! Hope everyone enjoyed a pleasant festive season, and got the LPs and CDs they wanted (or, if not, that the gifter at least got you an exchange card...!)

Have been pretty well cleaned out of a lot of stuff in the Xmas rush, so we are restocking as our suppliers reopen for trade - but do let us know if there is anything in particular you are wanting and we'll order in for you.

WE DO, however, have a whole heap of swell posters to liven up those dreary wall (and even frames in which to put them, if you are a 'poshing it up' type, as well as a swish array of Slow Boat tees and our new cotton tote bags. We are still waiting on the new vinyl repress of the seminal "AK79" - will post something as soon as it is to hand.

Wishing everyone the best light & love and positive musical vibrations for 2020.

A Whole Lotta Love,
The Slow Boat Crew XXX