The xx, (l-r) Oliver Sim, Romy Madley Croft and Jamie Smith

Howdy, folks!

Trust you have all enjoyed thoroughly pleasing, music-filled festive seasons, and are coping okay with the return to your respective workplaces - the weather has been crappy here in Capital City, which probably makes it just a little easier...

Kind of hoping that 2017 brings fewer of the rock deaths that seemed to define 2016 - the losses of David Bowie, Prince and Leonard Cohen, in particular, cast a long shadow over a year in which much of our favourite music was by established acts - Bowie, Cohen, Radiohead, Bon Iver - so, maybe we are holding out for something new to blow us away this year.

Perhaps the first great record of 2017 is already with us - The XX's lavishly packaged "I See You", while the year will also bring new music generic effexor xr 150 from the likes of Ryan Adams, The Flaming Lips, and we are also loving the first couple of songs from the upcoming Nadia Reid album, "Preservation" - out March 3rd.

We are also pretty psyched for local shows from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, PJ Harvey and Lloyd Cole. And then there's Record Store Day 2017 here at Slow Boat (Saturday, 15th April) - still in the planning stages at this point, but looking pretty swell so far - watch this space...

And some of you may have seen us in the DomPost's newspaper feature about the vinyl resurgence - am sure we don't need to remind you that records are not only for Christmas.

Anyhow - all the best for the year ahead - hope to see you all soon!!!